Room Database

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Title Typesort descending Size Facing Floor Rent Band
Room 20.19 Single 10m² Quad 3rd D
Room 12D.11 Single 20m² Quad 3rd B
Room 16.6 Single 10m² Quad 2nd C
Room 10.6 Single 12m² Quad 1st C
Room 15.1 Single 10m² Quad 1st E
Room 2.14 Single 7m² Trinity 3rd A
Room 22.33 Single 10m² Quad 4th E
Room 22.2 Single 8m² Quad Ground E
Room 20.20 Single 10m² Quad 3rd E
Room 16.7 Single 8m² Road 2nd F
Room 10.7 Single 20m² Road 1st B
Room 3.13 Split (bedroom and study) 11m² Quad and Road 2nd E
Room 4.2 Split (bedroom and study) 16m² Quad and Road 1st C
Room 6.3 Split (bedroom and study) 12m² Road 2nd E
Room 13.6 Split (bedroom and study) 15m² Road 1st D
Room 13.10 Split (bedroom and study) 15m² Road 2nd D
Room 14.9 Split (bedroom and study) 15m² Road 2nd E