Music Room Booking

  • Only members of the Balliol Music Society may book the music room.
  • A music room slot lasts one hour. You may only book two slots per day.
  • The music room is in Staircase XXIII, opposite Lecture Room XXIII and through the double doors.
  • When it comes to your slot, you must go to the porters to collect the music room key. They will require your bod card as a deposit until the key is returned.
  • Click on an available slot to book it. Click on your own slot to unbook it.
  • The General Secretary of the Balliol Music Society is the final arbiter of all music room booking disputes.
Date and time of slotSlot 1
Monday 0th week, 9am - 10amAvailable
Monday 0th week, 10am - 11amAvailable
Monday 0th week, 11am - 12pmAvailable
Monday 0th week, 12pm - 1pmAvailable
Monday 0th week, 1pm - 2pmAvailable
Monday 0th week, 2pm - 3pmTaken
Monday 0th week, 3pm - 4pmTaken
Monday 0th week, 4pm - 5pmAvailable
Monday 0th week, 5pm - 6pmTaken
Monday 0th week, 6pm - 7pmTaken
Monday 0th week, 7pm - 8pmTaken
Monday 0th week, 8pm - 9pmTaken
Monday 0th week, 9pm - 10pmAvailable
Tuesday 0th week, 9am - 10amAvailable
Tuesday 0th week, 10am - 11amAvailable
Tuesday 0th week, 11am - 12pmAvailable
Tuesday 0th week, 12pm - 1pmAvailable
Tuesday 0th week, 1pm - 2pmAvailable
Tuesday 0th week, 2pm - 3pmTaken
Tuesday 0th week, 3pm - 4pmTaken
Tuesday 0th week, 4pm - 5pmAvailable
Tuesday 0th week, 5pm - 6pmTaken
Tuesday 0th week, 6pm - 7pmTaken
Tuesday 0th week, 7pm - 8pmTaken
Tuesday 0th week, 8pm - 9pmTaken
Tuesday 0th week, 9pm - 10pmAvailable
Wednesday 0th week, 9am - 10amAvailable
Wednesday 0th week, 10am - 11amAvailable
Wednesday 0th week, 11am - 12pmAvailable
Wednesday 0th week, 12pm - 1pmAvailable
Wednesday 0th week, 1pm - 2pmAvailable
Wednesday 0th week, 2pm - 3pmTaken
Wednesday 0th week, 3pm - 4pmTaken
Wednesday 0th week, 4pm - 5pmAvailable
Wednesday 0th week, 5pm - 6pmAvailable
Wednesday 0th week, 6pm - 7pmAvailable
Wednesday 0th week, 7pm - 8pmTaken
Wednesday 0th week, 8pm - 9pmTaken
Wednesday 0th week, 9pm - 10pmAvailable
Thursday 0th week, 9am - 10amAvailable
Thursday 0th week, 10am - 11amAvailable
Thursday 0th week, 11am - 12pmAvailable
Thursday 0th week, 12pm - 1pmAvailable
Thursday 0th week, 1pm - 2pmAvailable
Thursday 0th week, 2pm - 3pmAvailable
Thursday 0th week, 3pm - 4pmAvailable
Thursday 0th week, 4pm - 5pmAvailable
Thursday 0th week, 5pm - 6pmAvailable
Thursday 0th week, 6pm - 7pmAvailable
Thursday 0th week, 7pm - 8pmTaken
Thursday 0th week, 8pm - 9pmTaken
Thursday 0th week, 9pm - 10pmAvailable
Friday 0th week, 9am - 10amAvailable
Friday 0th week, 10am - 11amAvailable
Friday 0th week, 11am - 12pmAvailable
Friday 0th week, 12pm - 1pmAvailable
Friday 0th week, 1pm - 2pmAvailable
Friday 0th week, 2pm - 3pmAvailable
Friday 0th week, 3pm - 4pmAvailable
Friday 0th week, 4pm - 5pmAvailable
Friday 0th week, 5pm - 6pmAvailable
Friday 0th week, 6pm - 7pmAvailable
Friday 0th week, 7pm - 8pmTaken
Friday 0th week, 8pm - 9pmTaken
Friday 0th week, 9pm - 10pmAvailable
Saturday 0th week, 9am - 10amAvailable
Saturday 0th week, 10am - 11amAvailable
Saturday 0th week, 11am - 12pmAvailable
Saturday 0th week, 12pm - 1pmAvailable
Saturday 0th week, 1pm - 2pmAvailable
Saturday 0th week, 2pm - 3pmAvailable
Saturday 0th week, 3pm - 4pmAvailable
Saturday 0th week, 4pm - 5pmAvailable
Saturday 0th week, 5pm - 6pmAvailable
Saturday 0th week, 6pm - 7pmAvailable
Saturday 0th week, 7pm - 8pmAvailable
Saturday 0th week, 8pm - 9pmAvailable
Saturday 0th week, 9pm - 10pmAvailable
Sunday 1st week, 9am - 10amAvailable
Sunday 1st week, 10am - 11amAvailable
Sunday 1st week, 11am - 12pmAvailable
Sunday 1st week, 12pm - 1pmAvailable
Sunday 1st week, 1pm - 2pmAvailable
Sunday 1st week, 2pm - 3pmAvailable
Sunday 1st week, 3pm - 4pmAvailable
Sunday 1st week, 4pm - 5pmAvailable
Sunday 1st week, 5pm - 6pmAvailable
Sunday 1st week, 6pm - 7pmAvailable
Sunday 1st week, 7pm - 8pmAvailable
Sunday 1st week, 8pm - 9pmAvailable
Sunday 1st week, 9pm - 10pmAvailable