Update 6

  • Posted on: 21 April 2014
  • By: Richard May
  • Added: Finance Exec and Welfare Subcommittee lists on the Committee page.
  • Added: More draconian anti-spam measures.
  • Added: Added redirects from several old URLs to the new ones (jcr/officers to the Committee page, and roomdatabase/* to the new room database are the main ones). 
  • Updated: Several Committee role descriptions.
  • Updated: Moved 'JCR Life' to a separate menu tab.
  • Updated: 'Prospective Students' tab is now called 'Applications'.
  • Updated: The admin interface is now actually usable on mobile devices.
  • Updated: Added new links to the LGBTQ page.
  • Fixed: Assorted spelling and grammatical errors (oh dear).
  • Fixed: In the Archive, the 2007 minutes .pdf actually contained the 2006 minutes for some reason.
  • Fixed: Several Committee photos weren't displaying properly for some reason.
  • Fixed: Intermittent error when booking laundry slots.

I've also asked Google to reindex our site. Search results will be updated over the next few days.