Committee Lunch HT1

  • Posted on: 22 January 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. We passed up to £50 to be spent buying rainbow laces for the rugby team.

2. Abi told the Committee that everything was on track and that you're likely to be getting around two free drinks at the garden party (exciting).

3. The Committee will be having a lunch with the Dean Tuesday 3rd week (and hence we won't be meeting on the Wednesday that week).

4. Daisy wants everyone to write blog posts about life at Balliol aimed at prospective students or offer-holding students and you should all totally do that!

5. I still want you to go to GMs so we're going to be putting together a questionaire asking people why they do or don't go to GMs; you'll be able to fill this out either on paper when I leave copies in the JCR or online when I put it online (this part of the meeting was summarised very well by Annie describing our position as "pro-online-and-paper, and pro-going-to-GMs").

6. Molly reminded everyone to give email notifications of events so that lovely non-Facebook JCR members can be just as in-the-loop as Facebook users.

7. We re-passed up to £20 to reimburse Molly for buying those little stickers that tell you that paper towels come from trees (the Committee had passed it last term, but it hadn't been claimed, and money has to be claimed in the term that it's passed; this was really just a technicality we had to deal with so that people weren't losing money).

8. We got new table tennis bats (we passed up to £50 for them); be nice to them!

9. We might be getting JCR communal phone chargers so that you don't need to ask online for a charger whenever you forget yours, but we're going to figure out if there's a way to do this without them being stolen or damaged; watch this space.

10. At some point Tampon Mountain is going to be moving to the toilet immediately next to the toilet it's currently in, since this is a more accessible space; the move will be really well advertised and someone's going to leave some sort of notice in the current place of Tampon Mountain explaining the move!


If you have any questions about the meeting, feel free to get in touch with me at any point either on Facebook or by email and I'll try to get back as quickly as possible, or leave a comment and someone will be sure to reply!