Committee Lunch HT2

  • Posted on: 27 January 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. Annie informed people that I'm posting these summaries on the website (how meta) because, let's be honest, the Committee are about as likely to read my emails as you are.

2. We discussed how we intended for the Facebook page to be adminstered, in particular concerning the removal of posts, and decided on a convention which would include an individual who would like something removed either engaging with a member of Welfare Subcommittee (with no need to disclose why they're concerned by the item) who would then engage with the poster of the content in discussing amending or removing it.

3. We're probably having an artsy get together thing with New College on the Saturday of 5th week which is exciting!

4. We discussed the possibility of renaming the WHO role now that they don't actually handle housing, and also just generally considered whether it might make sense in places to replace the word 'welfare' with something that made certain events (such as welfare tea) more obviously open to everyone.

5. Freddy and Zack intend to create a 'Foodie Subcommittee' which will involve mandating five people to be trained and to work in Pantry at the back so that the running of Pantry is more consistent, and also they'd like to raise the wage of working at the back to better reflect the greater demands of that role.

6. Sophie and Rivka are planning on establish a continuing JCR effort of food donation!

7. Ruby and Rachael are planning on a JCR event-thing where people learn how to make aromatherapy bars that can help you focus and sleep and whatnot and it's going to be fun and you should go; we passed £50 for the materials for this to be bought.

8. Darryl reminded people that they may or may not have money and should probably find out.

9. Soon you shall have even more equipment to charge the PS4 controllers (which involved the passing of £15).

10. We passed £50 to make it all cheaper for you to go see The Danish Girl (which I hope you enjoyed) and suggested a discussion group for the film afterwards.

11. We decided that it's not actually fair to expect the Vice President to be in charge of bop cleanups every bop because the Vice President is as likely as anyone to be good at running that, so we're going to start rotating who's in charge of bop cleanups among the President, the VP, the Treasurer, and the Secretary.

12. Someone's been writing on the signs telling people to put their crockery away and it's actually really quite rude so please don't.


Any questions or anything, feel free to message me or post a comment and I'll try to get back to you promptly!