Committee Lunch HT4

  • Posted on: 10 February 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. We co-opted Saad Hamid for Affiliations, Sam Gibb for SDO, Matt Smith for Comrade Bike Rep, Aidan Balfe for Picture Fund Rep, Conor Jordan for Drama Soc President, Utsav Popat for Drama Soc Treasurer, and Lottie Dodd for Drama Soc Secretary.

2. Eliza is going to sell you traditional accessories made by the Romanian Society from pantry and elsewhere to raise money for a school-child to have a computer for high school.

3. We passed £50 to buy Super Soakers for the Charity Musical and general JCR fun.

4. We passed £20 to buy a trans flag to fly and for other flag related purposes.

5. We passed £50 to subsidise the Bring Your Own Brit event.

6. We discussed the current situation regarding how money can be claimed from the prescription fund.

7. We were reminded of the Craft Cupboard and that we should use it.

8. We discussed various renovations in the JCR relating to lighting and painting and whatnot and discussed how this would be financed, which you can expect to see in a GM soon.

9. We're removing a poster in the postal room that was regarded as contentious in it's claims about homelessness.

10. We passed £15 to buy tennis balls for a tennis tournament and the JCR.