Committee Lunch HT5

  • Posted on: 17 February 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. Abi told us that 350 Balliolites have bought tickets for the Garden Party and told us that she's going to remind you all to get tickets before they go up in price (when they're opened up to the University) next week (get tickets now)!

2. Daisy Cockrean is now an admit of the Facebook page - she promises that she will live up to the responsibility of the power that she holds.

3. Aidan told us that college is replacing the paving in the Fellows' Garden because it's not draining properly (apparently a 'big deal') and that in the long term some trees may be getting replaced but don't panic too much because the College won't get rid of trees without replacing them.

4. Annie told us that the Development Office are interested in assisting in attracting external funding to match JCR funding for a project in which the JCR in interested, and suggested setting up a scholarship for refugee students; we'll be talking about it more in the future.

5. Ruby and Pete are mad keen and want to put together a shelf for poetry and artsy things for the JCR to share and contribute to and it's going to be great so we passed up to £50 for a shelf; Molly is doing something similar for welfare-y purposes which will also be great.

6. Molly told the officers who didn't realise that they have pidges that they actually have pidges in the JCR office.

7. Annie noted that you all seem to keep asking for airbeds on the Facebook page rather than booking the futuristic self-inflating airbeds online, so like, start using those, they're super useful.

8. Molly wants to know where the Crayola super tip felt pens are; if you accidentally took them, please return them!

9.  The Committee passed £20 for some Monday event-type thing similar to Mirrorless Monday last year (in which mirrors were covered and adorned with body-positive messages) but we're going to ask you all what kind of event you think would be best; also, let Molly know if you'd be happy to help out on Sunday evening with setting up whatever ends up happening.

10. Daisy noted that there's that space next to Pantry that's just cluttered with a lot of stuff, so if you have ideas of what we should do with that space, please do get in touch with Cealach!

11. I reminded people that GMs are a thing.

12. Cealach told the Committee to be ready to clean-up on Bop night (bop-hype yay)


As always, comment or message or email me if you have any questions about what happened at Committee lunch (or indeed anything JCR-esque)!