Committee Lunch HT6

  • Posted on: 24 February 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. We passed £25 to get a parting gift for Charlotte since she's been an absolute star for Pantry and the JCR.

2. We discussed how making and selling boptails could be more efficiently done - in particular regarding buying alcohol with the bar - since it's currently quite a pain setting up and cleaning pantry; we agreed to revisit this in the future when we had more specific suggestions for addressing this.

3. We discussed Entz decorations and our broken staple gun; we're not going to get a new staple gun just yet because we're going to see what happens with noticeboards and whatnot after the JCR renovations.

4. We discussed the current role of the JdeB, and in particular discussed the nature of the vetting process, and how the JdeB should go about seeking people's consent to being included in any publications (i.e. should consent be assumed if an individual is given a few days notice and doesn't reply, and what they should be including in welfare emails to people when asking whether they consent to being included); it was agreed that the Drs WHO and the JdeB would talk about this further, potentially later consulting the JCR as a whole.

5. Anthony Tat, Henrique Aguiar, and Kit Rasmussen were co-opted onto the Pantry Emergency Subcommittee, so you'll soon be seeing them preparing your food!


As always, if you have any questions or comments, do feel free to message me in some capacity or leave a comment on this post!


Great work committee