Committee Lunch HT7

  • Posted on: 2 March 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. We passed £25 for Oxford Women Speak Out and for snacks at a speaker event on Tuesday.

2. We passed £12 to renew our website domain.

3. The Committee passed up to £50 for refreshments and whatnot at the rescheduled Balliol TED talk events which you should all go to and it'll be great (also keep your eyes peeled for Balliol Soapbox next term???)

4. The aforementioned speaker is a third year undergrad from Hilda's who wrote a book called Notes on Being Teenage, she'll be talking on Tuesday.

5. The Committee were told to use the online calendary that we have so that we actually know what's happening on any given day which is fair.

6. Lights are going up! The sidelights are new. Cealach wouldn't mind thoughts from people.

7. We passed £25 for Richard the JCR cleaner's birthday present and card from the JCR.

8. Meg and co are going to hide chocolate eggs around the college on Thursday, find them before squirrels do.

9. Balliol's Got Talent is going to be happening on Monday, more of you have talents than have agreed to demonstrate them, talk to Sophie and Rivka to sign up.

10. Richard reminded us to remind everyone that you can't just leave your stuff in your room over the vac if it's a non-conference room: what being in a non-conference room means is that if you apply for vac res, you'll probably be able to stay in your room, and you might be able to leave your stuff in your room without applying for vac res but you also might not; if you're in a conference room that's going to be a definite no. If you have any questions about this, ask Richard about it.


Leave comments or message me if you've any questions, have a lovely week!