Committee Lunch TT1

  • Posted on: 27 April 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. We signed a card for Dani who works in Pantry and passed up to £25 for the card and a gift.

2. James told us that he and Meg are looking to have the joint New College event during 6th week in Jowett field.

3. Daisy reminded us that Trinity is a big term for Access & Admissions; this means you should all totally volunteer yourselves for open days and whatnot!

4. Molly is planning to have an exam-revision-tip-sharing session possibly on Sunday - watch this space.

5. Cealach told us that the renovations hadn't happened over the vac because Maintenance had another project that took priority, which means that the renovations are likely to be happening at the end of the summer vac, just in time for the new freshers, so you still have time to chip in ideas.

6. Cealach also reminded us that preparations for freshers' week was starting and encouraged members of welfare sub to join freshers' week subcomittee because we're all about the welfare.

7. We spent a disproportionate amount of discussion about tea and coffee to come to the conclusion that we're going to put a kettle and tea bags in the TV room with an honesty system in place for people to get tea in the TV room; we're gonna trial this for a month.

8. I'm going to start putting agendas on Google docs so that you can see them get updated as I get motions and so that during GMs, you'll be able to have the amendments of motions on your laptops in front of you.

9. Zack wants us to get a pet, and Emily wants it to be a fish.

10. Cealach commended our bop clean-up effort, which was apparently a lot of fun (though ultimately ineffective, given the stickiness of the floor the subsequent day).

11. Annie asked the Committee to make sure they're being active in running events in Trinity, so hopefully lots of fun things will be happening!


As per, message me if you've any questions about the CL (or indeed general JCR things).