Committee Lunch TT2

  • Posted on: 4 May 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. Abi asked the Committee for volunteers to do staircase checks on the day of the Garden Party

2. The Committee passed up to £50 to be spent on peer supporters t shirts in order to achieve greater presence of peer supporters during freshers' week; it was agreed that should this be insufficient, a request for a greater sum would be made at a GM

3. Rachael reminded Welfare Subcommittee - and the Committee more generally - of the importance of first responder training sessions and encouraged attendance.

4. Aidan reported that the E&E office would be purchasing a birthday gift for Chris the Gardener, and it was suggested that a gift be bought for the other Gardener, and that some effort be made to appreciate the work of Jim who tends the croquet lawn and other sports grounds.

5. Aidan is going to be showing a film called Cowspiracy that raises awareness of the impact of the agriculture industry on greenhouse gas emmissions.

6. Rivka asked the Committee how to go about collecting money for the sale of sweatshirts to donate to charity (a scheme operated by officers' in Trinity).

7. Sam & Molly reminded the Committee that there would be a session regarding the use of content notes and trigger warnings for films shown in the JCR; it was suggested that this be done before a GM to ensure attendance.

8. Cealach told us that she had got an honesty box for the tea and encouraged Committee to remind people to be honest.

9. Annie is dismayed that only 49% of Balliol is registered to vote, and hence the E&E officers and IS officers were mandated to work together on a Pledge2Reg drive.

10. Molly is seeking suggestions for a JCR bookshelf focused on welfare but including general reading, so if you have any ideas, get in touch with her.


If you have any questions about the meeting, do just email me! But don't comment, it turns out I don't get notifications for comments. Who knew.