Committee Lunch TT3

  • Posted on: 11 May 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. We're going to show Eurovision in the JCR; they'll be face painting and food and drinks.

2. Richard suggested buying drug purity testing kits for the JCR to use as a harm-reduction scheme; it was agreed this would be discussed further with Bruce and with James & Meg.

3. We're gonna start stocking spare food from JCR teas in a box behind Pantry to reduce waste because we're a responsible JCR.

4. The Committee formally noted the good job done by the Garden Party; we're gonna get them a card and passed up to five quid for this.

5. The Garden Subcommittee is donating to us a bunch of picnic rugs, so we passed up to twenty quid to get a box for storage purposes.

6. We discussed the possibility of funding - as a one-off - the printing of some alternative prospectuses to complement the funding of college for printing; this'll probably come to a GM.

7. Several Committee members offered their service in clearing out the stuff next to Pantry.

8. We discussed getting new table tennis balls; we might, but we noted that we actually spend a lot on table tennis and discussed other ways to pay for things.

9. We discussed the feasbility of Meat Free Mondays in Balliol; Aidan agreed to investigate this further.

10. Aidan wants a paddling pool. He's going to talk to College about it.

11. The study skills session will likely be on Sunday.

12. Annie told the Committee that we'd be running on online referendum for the JCR to decide whether it would like a ball, Garden Party, or nothing next year in five days.

13. We're keeping hobs in the kitchens in staircases 3, 11, 20, and in Dicey.



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