Committee Lunch TT4

  • Posted on: 19 May 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. Matt Fuller was co-opted onto Entz.

2. Up to £50 was passed for the Womens' Officers to spend on the Welfare tea to celebrate Emily Freeman's painting going up in Hall (!!!!) with the expectation that around £35 of it would be used.

3. Up to £15 was passed to reimburse Xav buying us table tennis balls which please for the love of life can you just not lose

4. Molly reminded us that there's a JCR boycott of Nestle and this should be considered in JCR teas and whatnot.

5. Cealach told us that she's starting Freshers' week sub next week and encouraged JCR Officers' to get involved in that.

6. We noted that at some point we'd sort out the Facebook page list of members.

7. The importance of the next GM - particularly given the motion regarding refugee scholarships - and their mandate to attend was stressed to the Committee.

8. We're having a Ball; 124 put Ball as their first choice, 25 put Garden Party as their first choice, 4 put neither as their first choice. If you want more detailed numbers (second and third choices and stuff) just ask.


That was all; relatively short Committee lunch, but do ask me if you're curious about anything.