Committee Lunch TT6

  • Posted on: 1 June 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. Annie reminded the Committee to attend the termly lunch that we enjoy courtesy of the Dean where we'll get to meet the new Junior Dean and Jowett Wardens.

2. The Committee interpreted the amendment to Duncan's last motion mandating EM to sign the open letter with regards to whether it mandated the Ethnic Minorities Office to sign (in which case the signature from one officer was sufficient) or whether it mandated each officer; the Committee interpreted the amendment as applying to the Office, so that one signature was sufficient.

3. Cealach suggested we open up the Craft Cupboard to more communal use, i.e. letting people use the resources for revision and whatnot; we agreed that this was a good idea.

4. We co-opted Iggy onto PESC (which she thought she was already on lol).

5. The moving of the Ball husts (starting at 6:15pm) was discussed with its relation to the start of Hall; it was agreed that you should all come and just bring your food with you. We also confirmed that those who lose elections would be eligible to be co-opted onto Ball Committee by the Ball Committee.

6. Vote in the NUS referendum.

7. We passed up to £50 to pay the extra cost of the mega-slide for the June Jamboree.]

8. Darryl got more people to agree to paint your faces at the June Jamboree (Daisy Cutts, Rachael, Molly, and Hubert).

9. We passed £45 for the cost of the registering to vote drive; this is the cost of the drive if the chocolate used were Freddos (as has been done in schemes in the past), the rest of the cost being found from OUSU funding and from a contribution by College.

10. The Committee was encouraged to think about ways to run down earmarked reserves like the music fund and tampon fund; with regards to the latter, relevant charitable donations were discussed.

11. It was noted that we recently got a new projector that will be installed soon!



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