Committee Lunch TT8

  • Posted on: 15 June 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. Darryl was reimbursed £11 for batteries he bought for the TV remotes.

2. Library Committee has decided that more diverse art will be being displayed in the Library (this is to be decided in the future), and also that we can now drink coffee in keep-cups in the library; we might be buying some Balliol keep-cups, watch this space.

3. We passed up to £25 for a clock that will be decoration at the bop; this clock may be going up permanently, but we'll likely discuss this at a GM in the future.

4. We gave A&B a loan of £50 for a new minute book to be repaid by the end of Hilary.

5. I asked people to make sure they get their reimbursements done before Tuesday of ninth lest they not get their money back (we passed up to £20 for the whiteboards bought for the door of the JCR).

6. We passed £40 for dodge-balls to be used in the June Jamboree.

7. Emily told people to up their notice-board game for the open days.

8. We discussed whether it would be appropriate for the Committee to promote a Bremain video to the JCR on behalf of an Old Member; it was decided that it would be most appropriate for it to be distributed through a MISC list email to avoid politically aliging the Committee.


As ever, ask if you've any questions.