Committee Lunch MT1

  • Posted on: 12 October 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. We passed £20 to be used by the STEM sisters Committee for activities (such as STEM sister teas and cinema visits and whatnot).

2. We passed up to £50 to get new table tennis bats (on the understanding that this is a significant overestimate of the cost).

3. We decided to start keeping the PS4 in the JCR Office as a result of the safe being broken - a key for the JCR Office can be gotten from the lodge or from one of the key-holding JCR officers (I'm almost always happy to help) - and we'll bring buying a more robust safe up at the next GM.

4. Guy was co-opted as D&M despite his inability to replace a lightbulb in the JCR.

5. The Committee decided to produce an email to clarify how JCR members can make purchases to improve the JCR (watch out for that; it'll be super useful!)

6. We discussed combining the College appointed role of Web and Computing Officer with the JCR elected Committee Computing Officer (which are currently separate but typically the same person; at the moment, the former is unoccupied) and abolishing the JCR Office (which is not paid; the College Officer is) and decided to come back to it once more information had been found; in any case it would have to go to a GM.

7. We discussed ways for the JCR to support the demo at Yarls Woods (a refugee detention centre, largely populated by women, subject to very poor treatment), such as donating to the cause, and getting the JCR involved in advertising this through arts and craftsy things and whatnot.

8. At some point Matt is going to ask you for Freshers week feedback so watch out for that.

9. We're hoping that we can make Balliol club nights a thing again! And in addition to that, run parallel social nights for non-drinkers (maybe Harry Potter?).

10. Darryl encouraged us to apply for Junior Maintenance Grants and encouraged us to encourage you; DON'T SELF-SELECT OUT OF THE GRANTS, the College likes helping students, and the College is perfectly capable in deciding appropriate grants for individuals.


If you have any questions about the Committee lunch - or indeed anything else JCR - feel free to email or message me!