Committee Lunch MT2

  • Posted on: 19 October 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. We discussed moving Committee lunches to the JCR to increase openness, and we're going to trial this next week.

2. We passed £50 to top up the Womens' Officer budget, with that budget having been spent into heavily printing out consent workshop materials.

3. Jowett will be getting it's own tampon moutnain in the laundry room.

4. There was a general notice for people to approach sexist comments in a useful and productive way, noting that there's a lot of new people encountering a lot of new ideas.

5. Matt's been contacted about a club night to replace Wahoo when it finally dies it's well deserved death; as well as being sold on the door, tickets will be sold online, where they will be cheaper, and the JCR will get one quid from every Balliol ticket sold online which will go to the Entz fund. He also noted that because none of you went to Lolas in Freshers' week, Entz lost around a grand through Freshers' week tickets.

6. He's also gonna start doing Tuesday lolas as a thing, attempting to negotiate cheap wristbands as it was in times gone by.

7. The Committee was told to start making a move on producing materials to explain their poisition and promote nominations to their positions to be compiled and centralised at a later date.


As always, happy to answer any questions!