2014 Committee Lunch

Date of Meeting

2014 Committee Lunch

Date: Wednesday 2nd week, Michaelmas 2014 (2014-10-22)


Present: Dan Turner (President), Krista Halttunen (Vice-President (Administrative)), Georgina Wilson (Secretary), Max Dalton (Treasurer), Anna Hufton (Dr. WHO), Joe Mansour (Dr. WHO), Darryl Braier-Lorimer (Foody), Matthew Lynch (Foody), Caitlin Tickell (Academic Affairs and Careers Officer), Ross Cathcart (Academic Affairs and Careers Officer), Sam Bumby (Access and Admissions Officer), Anonymous (Access and Admissions Officer), Robert Walmsley (Affiliations Officer), Henry Wisbey-Broom (Charities and RAG Officer), Alex Cheng (Entz Officer), Kelly Brotherhood (Entz Officer), Rivka Micklethwaite (Environment & Ethics Officer), Holly Marriott-Webb (John de Balliol), Harry Rimmer (John de Balliol), Thomas Posa (Ethnic Minorities Officer), Ian McFarlane (LGBTQ Officer), Alastair Bassett (LGBTQ Officer), Richard May (Website & Computing Officer), Izzy Williams (Women's Officer)

Absent with apologies: Nina Plowfields (Affiliations Officer), Aisha Simon (Charities and RAG Officer), Colm Britchfield (Design & Maintenance Officer), James Kavanagh (Design & Maintenance Officer), Elizabeth Tulloch (Student Disabilities Officer), Xavier Cohen (Environment & Ethics Officer), Eniola Oyesanya (Ethnic Minorities Officer), Claudia Freemantle (Women's Officer)

Absent without explanation: Alex Mullan (Lindsay)


Matters Arising


  1. Co-options
  2. Rag Movember Launch [Entz]
  3. Zumba [Alex]
  4. Bop clean up [Krista]
  5. Wine Money [Izzy]
  6. University Sport [Georgina for James K]
  7. Money for women in Science [Izzy]
  8. Yoga [Anna]



Bike Rep Co Options

We heard from James Letten about why he would be a good bike rep. DT said that he should know that the work of bike rep is mostly done for this term, and that there would be more nominations next term. Despite this, JL was duly nominated.

Rag Movember Launch [Entz]

Henry Wisbey-Broom has been contacted by RAG who would like to use our JCR on 31stOctober from 3pm-6pm years to launch RAG. We would get a year’s supply of pop chips. The 31st is a Friday. We asked HWB how many people would be there. He doesn’t know but could ask. There was some lack of clarity about whether this was a launch for Balliol all the whole University. DT said we should leave it with him and he will talk to the Dean. CW said that the facebook event says Balliol JCR is the venue, and that 140 people are invited.

Zumba [Alex Cheng]

The Entz are thinking of starting Zumba in LR23. The instructor would be £60 a session, and it could be £2 a week for 30 people. JM asked if we could do a committee promotional video. AH said that her motion, Yoga, was a similar thing on a more welfare front, but she’s happy to drop this for Yoga. CT said that the MCR do yoga. AC said that the cost of the instructor would come from the entz budget, and then be covered from people paying. DT said that the Dean would be a good person to contact about this in advance. We thought that AC might need to find out how many people can fit in LR23.

Bop Clean-up [Krista]

Krista said that she would like more ideas about how to make clean-up fun. KH said that some people don’t turn up, and maybe there should be some kind of penalty. CW said that people get confused about the order of bop clean-up – ie, you have to sweep before you mop. DBL said he would like one person to be officially in charge of Pantry. ML said that bop clean-up should be incentivised with free boptails. RM said that we should get an ashtray in front of the JCR because people smoke there even though they shouldn’t.

DT pointed out that turnout here isn’t great. We raised the possibility of compulsory bop clean-up for lax Committee members. ML said that we could have lunch at CL to incentivise people, but there’s no budget for it so this suggestion was shelved.

Wine Money [Izzy]

IW would like to be reimbursed £15 for the wine spent on the Womens talk. We passed it.

University Sport [Georgina]

LR23 is fully booked for this term, so can’t be changed. I’ll contact the Porters about other lunch times that it might be possible to have LR23, for future terms of future committess. CT said that Wednesday is the only day without labs, so scientists would be free.

Science Money [Izzy]

IW is speaking on behalf of Sarah-Jane Rodgers who would like £10 for refreshments for a Women in Science Talk. We passed up to £25 to give her leeway.

Ninth week [Anna]

People have exams in 9th week of Trinity and Hilary, but the JCR is locked from Wed of 9th. AH lamented that “All the supportive nice things go away”. MD said that Pantry shuts on Wednesday of 9th week. Maureen locks it on the last day of her shift. MD suggested that we ask Maureen to leave it open for 9th week, then have cleaners in on Saturday to tidy up. ML said that there was a Gaudy in 9th week of Hilary.


MD said that we should put some sneaky posters up about the bar.

RM said that the misc list was broken but is now fixed.

JM said that GM is now at 7 which means that Committee will be rushed after choir. KH said that GMs aren’t just for Committee. TP pointed out that his original motion was also about looking at other times. Tom Posa is forming a working group to look into times.

DT said that Monday would be a better night for the JCR. But the MCR can’t do Monday. We’ll now do Monday or Tuesday of 4th week, so he’ll send out another poll.

AH advertised her non-violent communication talk.