Hall of Fame

The JCR's institutional memory is all well and good for things like rent and welfare, but what of the students, animals, buildings and more that have made the JCR what it is today? On this page, we record for all time the mighty Heroes and Villains of the JCR, lest their great deeds be lost to the ages.


Tobias Bretschneider (JCR member 2021 - 2025)

  • Heralded in an era of unparalleled brilliance for the JCR.

Molly Rogers (JCR member 2012-2016)

  • Molly Rogers held the positions of Environment and Ethics officer, Welfare officer, and SDO (twice) on the JCR committee, consistently going far beyond expectations and making a huge positive contribution to the JCR.
  • Molly did so much for the JCR, including building the craft cupboard, creating incredible costumes for both bops and the charity musical, running disability awareness week events, and many more. 
  • Molly made a huge impact on how many members of the JCR think and talk about mental health.
  • People who talk to Molly generally become happier.
  • Molly is an absolute Hero.

Richard May (JCR member 2012-2015)

  • Richard May sunk a significant amount of his time into redesigning the JCR’s website and rewriting the JCR's Constitution.
  • Richard’s actions went far beyond what was expected of him as JCR Website and Computing Officer.
  • Balliol JCR is a much more smoothly run operation thanks to Richard.
  • #yeswemay

Staff of the JCR

  • Denise Hurd, Maureen Giles, Heidi White, Dani Morris, Mags O'Sullivan, Jardel and Richard are the permanent staff of the JCR.
  • They put in an incredible amount of work to keep Pantry, the Bar, and the JCR as a whole running.

Susie Deedigan (JCR member 2009-2013)

  • Susie Deedigan was a great individual.
  • Susie Deedigan always meant well.


  • Giant Flying Crocodiles are badass (as is anyone who can fight one off).

The Primary Cast And Crew Of Jurassic Park

  • Dinosaurs are amazing, and the cast and crew deserve recognition for their achievements.


  • Because This JCR Believes.

Ste Rose (JCR member 2014-2018)

  • Ste put his heart and soul into this JCR and this JCR loved him for it.
  • Stemails.
  • Ste is a free elf, but we miss him.

Ele Saltmarsh (JCR member 2015-2018)

  • Ele was the brightest ray of yellow sunshine.


Trinity College

  • This JCR believes:
    1. Gordouli has a face like a ham.
    2. Bobby Johnson says so.
    3. He should know!
    4. Bloody Trinity! Bloody Trinity! Bloody Trinity! 
  • This JCR also believes:
    1. Menaites once, Menaites twice.
    2. Holy jumping Jesus Christ!
    3. Flim, flam, wham, bam, oh shit!
    4. Bloody Trinity! Bloody Trinity! Bloody Trinity!
  • Additionally, this JCR believes:
    1. If I were a Trinity man, I would I would
    2. I'd go into a public weir, I would I would
    3. I'd pull the chain and disappear, I would I would!
    4. Bloody Trinity! Bloody Trinity! Bloody Trinity!
  • Furthermore, this JCR believes:
    1. I don't give a f**k or damn who the hell or what I am, as long as I'm not a Trinity man.
    2. Bloody Trinity! Bloody Trinity! Bloody Trinity!
    3. I'm a bastard, yes I am, but I'd rather be a bastard than a bloody Trinity man.
    4. Bloody Trinity! Bloody Trinity! Bloody Trinity!
  • Penultimately, this JCR believes:
    1. Trinity's burning. We should fetch the engine.
    2. Fire, fire! Fire, fire!
    3. Pour on petrol.
    4. Bloody Trinity! Bloody Trinity! Bloody Trinity!
  • Finally, this JCR believes:
    1. Goodnight Trinity, we've got to leave you now.
    2. Before we go:
    3. Bloody Trinity! Bloody Trinity! Bloody Trinity!