The Entz officers work hard to make sure that there’s always something fun going on in Balliol (it’s a responsible job). They organise a wide range of events, so there’s something to suit everyone!


Arguably the most important thing we do is organise bops! These are big, themed fancy dress parties held in the JCR, and everyone is invited. Students do ‘bopsets’ (DJ sets full of very cheesy music), whilst Entz serves up boptails (very sugary, cheap cocktails). You can either chill in the bar or dance to your heart’s content, and when the clock strikes midnight we organise an after party at a cheap club nearby. Everyone comes in ridiculous costumes of varying quality, and there’s a prize (horrible cheap cava) for the best costume!

Film & TV nights

We aim to put a good film on in the JCR at least every two weeks, like a Game of Thrones season 8 launch party (HYPE!!!) or the superbowl (also accompanied by late night pantry). Everyone comes down after dinner, we buy some snacks, then watch a film and enjoy each other’s company. If you have any cool ideas for films to put on then give us a shout!


There are quizzes a few times each term - get together in a team and see if you can win the much-coveted prize of a cheap and cheerful top-quality bottle of cava! The quiz is run by the wonderful Bar Social Secretaries.

Club nights

We liaise with clubs and organise cheap tickets for nights out, generally once a week. To make sure that everyone goes in a big group we hand out wristbands in the bar beforehand, so everyone can get merry together and have a super fun night. This way you can always guarantee to bump into someone from Balliol on certain nights out!

Other events

The other important things we do are organising Christmas dinner and Halfway hall (formal dinners, which are usually followed by a night out)! We screen random events in the JCR too, such as the Superbowl, Eurovision and Love Island, so if you have any fun ideas then just let us know and we’ll see what we can do!