On-site accomodation

There is a gallery containing images for the rooms which can be found here.

And below is a database of all the Broad-street rooms.

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Room Database

Room Database
Room Type Size Floor Facing Rent Band
3.3a Single 9m² Ground Road F
3.3 Single 20m² Ground Road C
3.2 Single 25m² Ground Trinity B
3.1 Single 16m² Ground Trinity D
3.12 Single 20m² 2nd Road C
4.2 Split 16m² 1st Quad and Road C
4.3 Set 18m² 2nd Quad and Road C
4.4 Set 16m² 2nd Quad and Road C
4.5 Single 18m² 3rd Quad C
4.6 Set 16m² 3rd Quad and Road C
6.2 Single 13m² 2nd Quad B
6.6 Single 18m² 3rd Quad C
6.5 Set 25m² 3rd Quad and Road A
6.4 Single 25m² 2nd Quad C
6.3 Split 12m² 2nd Road E
7.3 Single 20m² 3rd Quad B
7.4 Single 24m² 3rd Road C
10.1 Single 15m² Ground Quad D
10.2 Single 16m² Ground Road B
10.3 Single 20m² Ground Road B