Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculations - Draft

This guide is published as a supporting text to one of the Net Zero Motions.

What are GHG Emissions Calculations for?

Events, projects or activities must constitutionally pay a Carbon tax. This is set at a default of 10% of whatever the JCR has contributed to the event, project or activity. Naturally some events wish to showcase their low environmental impact. So they can alternatively pay a £150 per tonne of CO2 or equivalent GHG emitted instead of the default 10% contribution. To do this the must have the GHG Emissions Calculations approved by the E&E Officer/s.

What do GHG Emissions Calculations look like?

They are simply a list of items and then the emissions associated to that item. Maybe displayed in a nice table? We present here an example calculation carried out for a welfare tea.

ItemQuantity (Kg)Emissions per Kg (Kg CO2/Kg)Totals (Kg CO2)
Tea bags0.24.630.926

Our figures came from carbon cloud.
So our calculated contribution would be; 150×tonnes of CO2 = 150 × 7.516/1000 =£1.1274

In this case, if the event had a budget of £20 the 10% contribution would be £2. So the GHG emissions calculation shows that they would have to contribute less than the default 10%.

The calculations could naturally get quite complicated. 

How should you prepare and submit the calculations?

They should be submitted to the relevant matrix room. Please try to keep a suitable format that helps people when searching for past calculations. 

There are many sources available for emissions data. Please try to include any sources in your calculations it will make the approval process easier.

Here is a brief non-exhaustive list;

  2. Public database

What help is available?

You only have to ask for help and then you shall receive it. Anyone on the Climate Action Subcommittee would be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you might have. Just get in touch or pop them a message. 

You will also have a wealth of previously approved calculations to inspire you.