The Lindsay Bar

The only fully student run bar left in Oxford, the Lindsay Bar has been quenching the thirst of parched students since 1263 (or the 1920s, if you choose to believe the history books).  Fully staffed by students for a friendly atmosphere and variable service, there’s always someone in the bar to chat to over a pint or play a game of pool.

The bar offers a huge selection of soft drinks, beers, spirits and wine, with regular guest ales and even the occasional cocktail. Everything is reasonably priced (starting at £1.70 a pint), and because the bar is student run, all the profits go straight back to you. On Tuesday nights we even offer shots for 75p, an offer which draws in the occasional guest from outside Balliol.

The bar is overseen by the Lord or Lady Lindsay, an officer elected every year by the JCR. Ably aided by their assistants Jack and Vera Duckworth (it’s a Coronation Street reference) they open and close the bar every night, arrange the shifts, order the drinks, and keep things ticking over. So if you ever want to see anything new in the bar, or want to get trained as a bartender, you just chat to them!

The bar isn’t just for drinking – we also have the traditional pub sports of table football, darts, and pool on offer, as well as a well-worn jukebox and quiz machine.  There’s regular entertainment of all sorts in the bar – as well as being the place where bops begin (but not where they end...), there are quizzes, open mic nights, and the occasional impromptu bar sports tournament. The bar is open every night of the week until 11pm, and later on Fridays and Saturdays. The bar’s one of the things that gives Balliol a great sense of community, and makes us the envy of every other college in Oxford – come down for a drink and see why.