Committee 2024

JCR President
Vice-President (Administrative)
Vice-President (Organisational)
Academic Affairs and Careers Officers

Academic Affairs and Careers Officer

Access and Admissions Officer
Charities and RAG Officers
Disabilities Officers
Entz Officers
Environment & Ethics Officers
JCR Environment and Ethics
Ethnic Minorities Officers

Ethnic Minority Officer

Roles of enhancing representation, putting on collaborative events, educational workshops and working to provide mental health support


I am one of the foodies, we are working hard to get the pantry back up and running. We are aiming to do something at least once a week and some fun holiday events. If you have any meal ideas or events you’d like to run with pantry just message me here or find us on instagram @balliolpantry

Housing Officers
International Students Officers
IT Officer
Class Affiliations and First Generations Officer
LGBTQ Officers

LGBTQ+ representative for the JCR.

Welfare Reps
Women's Officers


Arts and Pictures Officers
Bar Social Secretary
Comrade Bike Rep
John de Balliol
Comrade Shakespeare
Comrade Tortoise