Political Campaigning

Balliol has a political campaigning fund that is maintained at a constant level of £450, topped up by optional levies. This fund can be used to support any political causes or to fund any political endeavours, subject to approval by the JCR at a GM. Passing money from the fund doesn't imply JCR support for the use of funds, only support for for its members' right to get involved in political activities and engage in campaigning, activism, protest and democracy. Some of the causes that we've recently supported are:

  1. 1. In Michaelmas 2014, £100 was passed to subsidise coaches to London for those taking part in a national demonstration calling for free education that was organised by the NUS. See: https://www.ballioljcr.org/governance/records/minutes/view/42
  1. 2. In Hilary 2017, money from the political campaigning fund was used to fund travel to London for a women's rights march.
  1. 3. In Trinity 2017, and in several previous years, £120 from the political campaigning fund was disbursed to pay for transport to the Shut Down Yarls Woods protest, an annual demonstration calling for the closure of the Yarls Wood detention centre for foreign nationals. The centre is located in Oxfordshire, and has been condemned in the strongest terms by a number of human rights NGOs as well as the Chief Inspector of Prisons.
  1. 4. In Hilary 2018, £200 was donated to the UCU Strike Fund to compensate for the lost earnings of UCU members, who were taking part in industrial action against an unjust change to their pension scheme. The JCR also provided breakfasts to striking academics.

If you want to use funds from the political campaigning fund then you'll need to go to a GM with a motion, which should include a budget agreed on with the Treasurer as per the constitution. See the 'Writing a Motion' section under the 'Governance' tab for information on writing motions. Then you'll just need to present the motion, answer some short factual questions and respond to any points of debate.