At Balliol, we're committed to achieving gender equality, both within the College and in the wider world. It has a great variety of welfare provision, some of which is directed specifically towards those who identify as women. The JCR has two elected Women’s Officers, whose role is to further the cause of gender equality, to provide welfare and support, to ensure that Balliol continues to be a safe, happy and inclusive place for all those who self-identify as women.


The Women’s Officers are able to provide welfare to JCR members in multiple ways. They are able to give anonymous support and advice, and can direct JCR members to relevant university services. Balliol also provides all women in the JCR with free, easily accessible sanitary items, and this provision is maintained by the Women’s Officers. As members of the Welfare Subcommittee, the Women’s Officers can provide free condoms and pregnancy tests to any JCR member, either anonymously or otherwise. They are also able to cover the cost of purchasing the morning-after pill on occasions where it hasn't been possible to obtain it for free, and can do this anonymously if necessary.


The Women’s Officers (as well as other members of the JCR) frequently organise events, including drop-in sessions to discuss specific issues, open forums for JCR members to raise concerns and ask for advice, Consent Workshops, talks by prominent female alumni, Women’s Drinks and more! Most of these events are open to all genders, and attendance by anyone who wishes is strongly encouraged. They also keep JCR members up to date with WomCam (the university’s campaign for gender equality) and its weekly meetings, cooperate on projects with WomCam and OUSU, and provide a point of contact between the JCR and the wider University.