Anti-facebook Rally

By admin, 29 September, 2023

Dear Incoming Freshers,

Welcome to the hallowed halls of Balliol College, a place of learning, camaraderie, and intellectual growth. As you embark on this exciting journey, we have a clarion call to issue, a rallying cry that concerns each and every one of us: Join the fight against the insidious influence of Facebook.

In the spirit of unity and resolve, we implore you to heed our call to action, for this battle is yours as much as it is ours. We must unite to confront a modern-day menace that threatens the very essence of our society.

Let us look to the harsh realities of Facebook's actions as evidence of the pressing need for our collective stand.

1. Data Theft: Facebook, like a digital highwayman, has been surreptitiously pilfering our personal information for years. The Cambridge Analytica scandal serves as a glaring example. In 2018, it was revealed that Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm, had harvested data from millions of Facebook users without their consent. This stolen information was then used to manipulate and target voters in various elections.

2. Misinformation and Hate: The platform has also become a breeding ground for misinformation and the inflaming of hatred against minorities. The Rohingya crisis in Myanmar is a tragic illustration. Reports have shown that Facebook played a significant role in spreading hate speech and inciting violence against the Rohingya Muslim minority, leading to mass displacement and loss of life.

3. Children's Mental Health: Facebook's impact on the mental health of our youth cannot be ignored. Studies have linked excessive use of social media, including Facebook, to increased rates of anxiety, depression, and feelings of isolation among adolescents. It fosters unrealistic standards of beauty and success, perpetuating a cycle of insecurity and despair.

4. Addiction and Attention Manipulation: Facebook employs addictive design features, such as endless scrolling and notifications, to keep users engaged for longer periods. The more time spent on the platform, the more data it collects, and the more ad revenue it generates. This cycle of addiction has detrimental effects on our well-being and productivity.

We beseech you, new members of the Balliol community, to stand shoulder to shoulder with us in this fight. Do not succumb to the allure of convenience and instant gratification. Uphold the principles of privacy, mental health, and a just and inclusive society.

As you take your first steps within these historic walls, be the generation that says, "Enough is enough!" Be the voice of reason and responsibility in the face of a digital Goliath. Protect your data, safeguard your mental well-being, and stand up against the divisive forces that threaten to pull us apart.

Join us in this battle, incoming freshers, and be a part of the change. Together, we shall overcome the allure of Facebook and emerge as a community stronger, wiser, and more united than ever before.

The challenge is great, but so is our determination. Welcome to Balliol College, where together, we shall prevail!

Thank you, and may we find the strength to resist the siren call of Facebook.