By Ben, 28 November, 2023

Due to a lack of attendence at the midday latern making today, we are running remedial lantern making at midnight on Tuesday - before the latern walk at midnight on Wednesday.

Also due to thieves in the JCR all the colored paper was stolen, so please bring your own! And tracing paper if you have it!

By admin, 4 November, 2023

Are you getting S.A.D? Why not try some autumnal arts and crafts. At 1a.m. on the 11th of Saturday join us for a latern lit walk leaving from plodge. Here is a quick guide on making your lantern. Help can be provided. You will be reimbursed for all purchases by the JCR.

Materials you will need:


By admin, 3 November, 2023

RON, the Silent Contender: A Mysterious Presence in Balliol JCR's Presidential Race

In a charged atmosphere at Balliol College's President Hustings on November 3, 2023, two charismatic candidates, Amerleen and Harry, took to the stage to compete for the coveted position of JCR president. However, amid the fervor of campaign speeches and debate, a third candidate, known as Ron, silently observed, casting a cryptic shadow over the proceedings.


By Ben, 30 October, 2023

Quiche Quality Assessment

This outputs a value of -7 (Bad quiche) to 23 (Good quiche) Combining multiple factors.

Quality Score Formula

Quiche Quality Score (Q) = (0.4712 * Color Vibrancy) + (0.3142 * Cooking Time) + (0.3142 * Crispiness) + (0.1571 * Number of Ingredients) + (1.2566 * Flavor) + (0.3142 * Creaminess) + (0.6283 * Presentation) + (0.6283 * Creativity) - (0.6283 * Eccentricity) + (0.9424 * Reflectivity) + (0.7853 * Bounciness) + (0.9424 * Flippability) + (0.6283 * Mouth Feel) + (0.6283 * Mouth Sound) + (0.6283 * Whiskey Pairability)


By Ben, 24 October, 2023

Vigilant Inhibition of Ghosh's Inflammatory Liquid: A Network of Tiny Mice In the Crosshairs of Extermination.

Manifesto for the Liberation and Equality of Dicey's Mice

By Ben, 11 October, 2023

Ben Grows a Conscience: The Orange Rebellion of Dicey, Staircase 12

In the heart of Oxford, where history resonates through ancient corridors, one seemingly ordinary mouse found himself embroiled in a fervent movement known as "Just Stop Oil" (JSO). The tale of Ben, a resident of Dicey, Staircase 12, is not just one of individual transformation but an astounding journey into climate activism that left the JSO members astounded and, at times, terrified.


By Ben, 8 October, 2023

Ben had arrived at the Boathouse BBQ (this year with record numbers of signups!). He had spent the morning staring at an ice cube testing his laser eyes. It was a unforeseeable success! So he didn't hesitate when someone asked him to man the BBQ...


By Ben, 4 October, 2023

Ben apparently has an IQ closely comparable to that of Einstein, or so he says. Yet when confronted with the technological supremacy that is Eduroam he falters time and time again and seemingly has the IQ of a belligerent toddler. He ends up being unable to even read the simplest instructions! One can assume this is caused by a mind-numbing fear at anything more technologically advanced than a wheel given he studies Ancient History. However most of you freshers do not have this excuse!!!