New Committee

By admin, 14 January, 2023

With the start of the new year we also have a new committee! The JCR is brimming with excitement at what they will achieve. Below is the list of elected members. They can create accounts on the website with nice pictures and descriptions to be added to the official record of committees past and previous; this can be viewed here.

  • President: Izzie Alexandrou
  • Vice President – Administrative: Yuvraj Bhagotra
  • Vice President – Organisational: Lilia Kanu
  • Treasurer: Sonia Shuster
  • Secretary: Benjamin Weisz
  • Lindsay: Laurie Young
  • Drs WHO: Keziah McCann & Olivia Polito Pons
  • Academic Affairs Officer: Panagiota Yiallouri
  • Access and Admissions Officer: Noah Saunders
  • Arts & Picture Reps: Felicity Thomas, Marina Ristuccia & George Gresley
  • Bike Representative: Dylan Maggs
  • Charities & RAG Reps: Amerleen Hundle & Rosie Field
  • Class Affiliations &
  • First Gen Officer (CAFGO): Ali Khosravi
  • Comrade Shakespeare: Angele Baum & Lucy Jones
  • Duckworths: Caitlin Scollin & Freddie Goodfellow
  • Entz: Milton Tai & Alison Balint
  • Environment and Ethics Officers: Andy Wei & Jessica Feng
  • Ethnic Minorities Officers: Julia Diallo Solana, Phoebe Homes-Simeon &
  • Weza De Carvalho Espada De Sousa
  • Foodie: Molly Carey-Topping
  • Housing Officers: Sachi Patel & Amelie Todd
  • International Students’ Officers: Mina Yucelen & Alina Vendina
  • John de Balliol: Charles West
  • LGBTQ+ Officers: William Fitzgerald & Ella Cody-Michael
  • Sports Representatives: Markus Baumgartner & Julia Andronikos
  • Student Disabilities Officer: Leila Jarvis
  • Website and Computing Officer: Tobias Bretschneider
  • Women’s Officers: Abby Granholm & Biba Cope-Brown