Weekly Careers Update I

By Penny, 16 February, 2023
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Welcome to the Weekly Careers-related updates:

Please note these important dates:

  • 20 February 12:00: deadline for second round of spring micro-internships

    • Micro-internships are 2-5-day voluntary opportunities (either Week 9 or 10)

    • Browse the sector list (and more information here)

    • Apply with a 1-page CV and 300-word personal statement

  • 13 March 12:00: deadline for UK summer internships

    • Summer internships are 2-12 weeks long

    • You can only apply to 2 internships

    • Apply with a 1-page CV and 600-word personal statement

Sector-specific events:

Government and Public Services

  • Introduction to Careers in Diplomacy: 28 February 13:00-14:15

    • Online event

    • Methods for identifying routes into diplomatic roles

    • Booking required (on CareerConnect)

International Development

  • Careers in International Development: 7 March 13:00-14:15

    • Online event

    • Panel Discussion on International Development and finding work experience and jobs

    • Panellists:

      • Janita Bartell: works for UNICEF’s Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean

      • Layan El-Khatib: analyst in Human Development practice at Genesis Analytics

      • Priyanka Raj

    • Booking required (on CareerConnect)

Sustainability and the Environment

  • Navigating ‘green’ jobs & work experience: 21 February 13:15-14:15

    • Online event

    • Key finding from the Oxford Sustainability Careers Week 2023

    • Booking required (on CareerConnect)

Technology, Data, Machine Learning and AI

  • Introduction to Data Science and Technology (all disciplines): 1 March 13:00-14:00

    • Online event

    • Basic overview of the sector, types of roles, organisations available

    • Suggestions of ways to gain experience

    • Booking required (on CareerConnect)

Translating & Interpreting

  • Careers in Translation and Interpreting: 6 March 13:00-14:00

    • In-person event (at Careers Service)

    • Overview of career opportunities available, skills needed, potential routes into professional translation and interpreting

    • Led by Louise Jarvis: freelance conference interpreter and translator with over 20 years of experience working for EU institutions and other international organisations

    • Booking required (on CareerConnect)

For any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact the Academic Affairs and Careers Officer at panagiota.yiallouri@balliol.ox.ac.uk