Ben goes to the Ball: A Cinderella Story

By admin, 7 May, 2023

This modern fairytale started on the 11th February 2003. The three wise men had been following the star high in the sky for a period of three days, when they came upon the wonderful Liverpool. Unfortunately, they did not quite make it to the beautiful Liverpool University Hospital to see the birth of Ben. Having seen the general despair of all living in the North they decided that God must have been mistaken and turned back Eastward.

Fast forward 20 years and the event to outshine all events happened to happily have happen. This event had been months in the making and was the culmination of hundreds of hours of hard work. Elections were in May, planning permission was sourced, tickets were given, employees were sourced, and a glorious finale happened on the 6th of May 2023. Naturally the event I am speaking of is Ben picking up his dry-cleaning before some small soiree he was attending. A timeline might be beneficial;

  1. Labour won the local council elections in May
  2. Labour allowed Arfin Dry Cleaners to get planning permission for an extension in October.
  3. On the 7th of October they employed Gilbert.
  4. On the 4th of March, Gilbert took Ben's suit to be cleaned and gave him a ticket.

And then the grand finale of the day. Ben gingerly pushed open the door. A bell tinkled in the distance causing Ben to jump in fright. He slowly approached the counter and with trembling hand showed Gilbert his ticket. After scanning the QR code and checking his ID, Gilbert went to fetch Ben's suit. Ben's eyes widened and sparkled having caught the glint of his suit in the distance. In what must surely have been one of the greatest moments of Ben's life he took receipt of his suit. He was a happy chappy, as exemplified by these quotes about his time.

I'm having a spiffing time!

Play Olivia Rodrigo

I don't get out much so this a real treat for me

When I see people in trouble I often drop to my knees and pray nobody notices I'm not helping

Did you see those armed guards capture that poor fox!

Until I wore tails I never realised I had so much pent up civility.

I don't know... I just don't know - looking at the quarter-mile long list of ice cream flavours

Big deal, I could have been a king if my mom was the queen too

You people inspire me! (to drink heavily, but still)

Time wounds all heels! and so does a ball.