Ben's Penny Farthing and Unicycle

By Ben, 18 October, 2023
Man on a pennyfarthing

Once upon a sunny Saturday morning in the vibrant town of Oxford, Ben was getting ready for a day of adventure. He had recently found a pair of sleek and shiny JCR rollerblades in the dingy mess of the TV 

People using the TV room need to clear away their rubbish please - Izzie

Eager to test them out, he laced up his rollerblades, feeling the cool breeze against his face as he stood in front of staircase 12. The JCR rollerblades were a marvel of engineering, designed for speed and agility. They were equipped with smooth, high-performance wheels that seemed to glide effortlessly over the pavement. Ben couldn't wait to experience the thrill of rolling down the town's winding streets.

With a confident push, Ben set off toward plodge, his heart racing as he gained speed. The sensation of the wind blowing through his hair and the rhythmic sound of his wheels against the pavement was exhilarating. Having navigated the library steps he left college. He weaved in and out of pedestrians, showcasing his newfound skills with a few tricks and spins.

As he made his way through the town, Ben couldn't help but notice a man riding a penny farthing bicycle. The towering front wheel and small rear wheel made for an eye-catching spectacle. It looked like a challenge Ben couldn't resist. He made a mental note to try riding one of those one day.

After a couple of hours of rollerblading, Ben decided to take a break at the town's park. He sat on a bench and watched a street performer nearby. The performer was impressively juggling fire clubs while riding a unicycle. The crowd was enthralled, and Ben found himself fascinated by the unicycle's graceful balance.

However on his way back to college disaster befell him. As he was approaching the Radcam he was dazzled by it's orange gleem in the afternoon sun. The sun burned he eyes and suddenly he was flying. He had forgotton about the cobblestones! Thankfully his Voi helmet from the fresher's fair saved him yet again!

Nevertheless Ben's rollerblading adventure had ignited a newfound passion for unique and thrilling modes of transportation. He wanted to experience the joy of riding a penny farthing and mastering the art of unicycling.

With a determined spirit, Ben rolled his way back home on his JCR rollerblades, excited about his new goals. He knew it was time to share his ambitions with his fellow students and hopefully get their support to make his dreams a reality.

With that in mind, he prepared a motion for the upcoming JCR (Junior Common Room) meeting.

This JCR notes:

  • Ben recently had a lot of fun on the JCR rollerblades.
  • Ben would like to have a lot of fun on a penny farthing and a unicycle.
  • Ben had a near-accident while rollerblading near the Radcliffe Camera, which highlighted the importance of safety gear, particularly his Voi helmet.

This JCR believes:

  • Encouraging unique and enjoyable forms of recreation can enhance the student experience.
  • Supporting Ben's goals to acquire a penny farthing and a unicycle will add diversity to the JCR's recreational activities.
  • The incident near the Radcliffe Camera underscores the necessity of protective gear for all outdoor activities.

This JCR resolves:

  • To allocate 159.70 GBP of the JCR Budget to help Ben acquire a unicycle for the JCR.
  • To maybe - probably not - allocate 1945.00 GBP of the JCR Budget to help Ben acquire a pennyfarthing for the JCR.
  • To organize student run workshops or lessons for interested students to learn how to ride a unicycle and experience the thrill of unconventional modes of transportation.
  • To promote the importance of wearing protective gear, such as helmets, when engaging in physical activities within the Oxford community.