Ben's Quiche Quality scoring

By Ben, 30 October, 2023

Quiche Quality Assessment

This outputs a value of -7 (Bad quiche) to 23 (Good quiche) Combining multiple factors.

Quality Score Formula

Quiche Quality Score (Q) = (0.4712 * Color Vibrancy) + (0.3142 * Cooking Time) + (0.3142 * Crispiness) + (0.1571 * Number of Ingredients) + (1.2566 * Flavor) + (0.3142 * Creaminess) + (0.6283 * Presentation) + (0.6283 * Creativity) - (0.6283 * Eccentricity) + (0.9424 * Reflectivity) + (0.7853 * Bounciness) + (0.9424 * Flippability) + (0.6283 * Mouth Feel) + (0.6283 * Mouth Sound) + (0.6283 * Whiskey Pairability)

Score each quality factor from -π to 5π and then combine them.

Quality Factors:

  • Color Vibrancy: -π to 5π: Assess the vividness and appeal of the quiche's color. Bright, visually appealing colors receive higher scores.
  • Cooking Time: -π to 5π: Evaluate the cooking time; a shorter duration is generally better as Ben is a very busy man with very important things to do in his very packed day. So when he clears his schedule to eat some quiche he would like the quiche to actually be ready to be eaten.
  • Crispiness: -π to 5π: Rate the crispiness of the quiche's crust. A perfectly crispy crust is desirable. We don't want no soggy bottoms.
  • Number of Ingredients: -π to 5π: Consider the complexity of the quiche. Simplicity is often favored, but not excessively so.
  • Flavor: -π to 5π: Assess the overall taste, balance, and complexity of flavors. A well-seasoned and flavorful quiche scores higher.
  • Creaminess: -π to 5π: Rate the creaminess of the quiche's filling. A smooth and creamy texture is often favored.
  • Presentation: -π to 5π: Consider how the quiche is presented on the plate. Aesthetically pleasing presentation can enhance the overall experience. Especially care is given to the top layer. For example on the right distribution of leeks sticking out.
  • Creativity: -π to 5π: Score the quiche based on innovative or creative elements in the recipe or presentation.
  • Eccentricity: -π to 5π: Subtracts points for the deviation from a perfect circle of the quiche's shape.
  • Reflectivity: -π to 5π: Assess the quiche's ability to reflect light, adding a unique visual dimension to its appeal.
  • Bounciness (Weight: -π to 5π): Rate the quiche's ability to bounce on various floor types.
  • Flippability: -π to 5π: Evaluate how easily the quiche can be flipped without falling apart, which may contribute to its versatility in frisbee games.
  • Mouth Feel: -π to 5π: Consider the texture and sensation of the quiche when it is eaten.
  • Mouth Sound: -π to 5π: Rate the sounds produced when consuming the quiche; pleasing mouth sounds can enhance the overall experience. Snap, crackles and pops are generally rate highly.
  • Whiskey Pairability: -π to 5π: Assess how well the quiche pairs with whiskey, an unusual but intriguing factor for some connoisseurs like Ben.