M&S Scottish Salmon & Broccoli Quiche

By Ben, 1 November, 2023

Upon first tasting Ben describes it as 

Rather bland, lacking texture.

The brocolli is of a watery variety, and thus upon cooking comes out rather flaccid. The salmon is thankfully scottish but still of a pale variety and distribution over the quiche is uneven with larger chunks disrupting the quiche experience. The base also lacks the required crispiness that Ben expects in top level quiche.

There was nothing else for it. He rang up the customer help line. After approximately 3 hours stuck on hold he was finally put through an automated customer service assistant. Within seconds of hearing Ben's plight his call was upgraded to royal priority and the Head of M&S' customer service devision was on the phone. Once Ben's anger had been adequately placated they were able to reach a compromise. Ben would get 10 of their quiches to experiment on and suggest improvements for. 

Thank god for this. Maybe without this Ben would have never discovered that by simply using precooked frozen brocolli in the quiche the brocolli comes out wonderfully tender mainting a certain firmnes though giving far superior mouth feel. And by simply taking the quiche out of the packing and placing in the oven at 5C higher than recommended on a foil sheet the base reaches the perfect crispness. 

All in all it may have been the best quiche yet! A solid 17 on his rating scale.