Committee Lunch HT5

  • Posted on: 17 February 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. Abi told us that 350 Balliolites have bought tickets for the Garden Party and told us that she's going to remind you all to get tickets before they go up in price (when they're opened up to the University) next week (get tickets now)!

2. Daisy Cockrean is now an admit of the Facebook page - she promises that she will live up to the responsibility of the power that she holds.

Committee Lunch HT4

  • Posted on: 10 February 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. We co-opted Saad Hamid for Affiliations, Sam Gibb for SDO, Matt Smith for Comrade Bike Rep, Aidan Balfe for Picture Fund Rep, Conor Jordan for Drama Soc President, Utsav Popat for Drama Soc Treasurer, and Lottie Dodd for Drama Soc Secretary.

2. Eliza is going to sell you traditional accessories made by the Romanian Society from pantry and elsewhere to raise money for a school-child to have a computer for high school.

3. We passed £50 to buy Super Soakers for the Charity Musical and general JCR fun.

Committee Lunch HT3

  • Posted on: 3 February 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. The Committee passed £50 to pay the musicians who played at Nepostists last term (since the organ wasn't available on account of it being broken).

2. Rachael and Daisy want to put a tampon mountain in Jowett and they're trying to find a reasonable place to put it (suggestions are welcome!), and the possibility of installing a condom machine in Jowett at some point in the future is going to be investigated.

3. James told the Committee that Saturday of 5th week isn't going to work for either Balliol or New College, so we're going to do something in Trinity instead.

Committee Lunch HT1

  • Posted on: 22 January 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. We passed up to £50 to be spent buying rainbow laces for the rugby team.

2. Abi told the Committee that everything was on track and that you're likely to be getting around two free drinks at the garden party (exciting).

3. The Committee will be having a lunch with the Dean Tuesday 3rd week (and hence we won't be meeting on the Wednesday that week).

4. Daisy wants everyone to write blog posts about life at Balliol aimed at prospective students or offer-holding students and you should all totally do that!

JCR Elections 2015

  • Posted on: 28 November 2015
  • By: Alex McKenzie

Click "read more" to see a full breakdown of results.

President: Annie Williamson

Vice-President: Cealach McKeating

Treasurer: Darryl Braier-Lorrimer

Drs WHO: James Letten & Meg Peyton-Jones

Secretary: Ste Rose

Lindsay: Hugo Monnery

Access & Admissions: Emily Webb & Daisy Cutts

D&M: Ruby Breward & Pete Sayer

LGBTQ: Rory Meryon & Ele Saltmarsh

Website & Computing: Andrew Truong

Entz: Iggy Wilde & Xav Cohen

DSO: Molly Rogers

JdeB: Simon Kelly & Lewis Scott

E&E: Aidan Balfe & Chilla Knight

Charities: Rivka Shaw & Sophie Conquest

International Students: Laura Bossino & Nicky Halterman

Ethnic Minorities: Ploy Haritaworn & Hubert Au

Sports Rep: Helen Davies & Xav Greenwood

Foodies: Freddie Potts & Zac Leather

Women's Officers: Rachael Ince-Kitson & Daisy Cockrean

Comrades Tortoise: Phoebe Grant-Smith & Lottie Dodd

Duckworths: Ruby Day & Daisy Pearson

Maestro Music: Jae Jung

Comrade Shakespeare: Gae Iannetta & Xav Greenwood

Bar Social Secs: Josh Warwick & Will McCarthy

Entz Sub-Committee: Rivka Shaw & Sophie Conquest


JCR Officer Elections - Results!

  • Posted on: 23 November 2014
  • By: Dan Turner


Who Won?

Vice-President: Aisha Simon

Affiliations: Emily Barradell & James Kavanagh

Treasurer: John Clark-Maxwell

Dr WHO: Tom Posa & Amy Ford

Access and Admissions: Alice Farrell & Xav Greenwood

AcAf: Jess Poole & Ryan Diamond

D&M: Flo Hardy & Jack Wheatley

E&E: Calum Jacobs & Daisy Pearson


JCR Presidential Elections Results

  • Posted on: 9 November 2014
  • By: Dan Turner

1st Round:

184 votes cast

Spoilt, blank or void - 0

Denvar - 35

Matt - 41

Tom - 37

Duncan - 64


The quota was 93.  No candidate met the quota, and RON was duly eliminated.


Round 2:

Spoilt, blank or void - 1

Denvar - 36

Matt - 43

Tom - 38

Duncan - 66


The quota was 92.  No candidate met the quota, and Denvar was duly eliminated.


Round 3:

Spoilt, blank or void - 11

Matt - 54

Tom - 50

Duncan - 69