The Committee

Vice-President (Administrative)
Vice-President (Organisational)

As Secretary, it is my job to deal with the administrative side of the JCR. This includes taking minutes at general meetings and the weekly committee lunches, keeping the constitution and standing policy up to date, and organising the college’s annual photo day. Feel free to contact me if you have any enquiries about the JCR!

Sports Reps
Academic Affairs and Careers Officer

As the academic affairs and careers officer, I am responsible for the academic welfare of members of the JCR. This includes advice and support with the academic procedures, organising events with a focus on academics, and attending library committee. Further, I keep the JCR informed about career events at Balliol and in the wider university.

Access and Admissions Officer
Affiliations Officer
Charities and RAG Officers
Student Disabilities Officers
Entz Officers
Environment & Ethics Officers
Ethnic Minorities Officers
International Students Officers
Housing Officers
Class Affiliations and First Generations Officers
LGBTQ Officers
IT Officer
Women's Officers
Bar Social Secretaries
Comrade Tortoise
Comrade Bike Rep
John de Balliol
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