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By admin, 19 February, 2023

I thought a reminder of how the website works was in order...

I know that after 5th week we probably think

Fuck Work


well excuse me for giving two fucks

But put quite simply

I read some shit on the internet, I am an expert now.

so quite frankly 

can we hurry this shit up? I have real shit to do

I mean

I knew it was going to be a cluster-fuck but this is some huge ass clusterfuck.


Please tell me this is some kind of fucking joke.

So please

next time try doing the shit a normal person would do

and click the make an account button! Everything else is fairly self-explanatory but of course send me a message on BalliolCHAT if you are struggling.  And honestly there's no rush as 

i have been perfectly content to ignore this bullshit and don't plan to stop any time soon.