Benjamin Falconer

By Balliol JCR, 5 March, 2023
Benjamin holding his hot water bottle.

At this point he has transcended far above the insignificance that us mere mortals act out in our lesser lives. Having braved the sharp wit and elevated mental acuity of Jeremy Paxman, Benjamin thought it wise to attempt the unthinkable; to face challenges that no Balliolite has ever surmounted before. He wanted to try to win the Balliol Green Week Energy Saving competition.

4.2cm long. That's how long the icicles grew from his nose. Through sheer will power Benjamin managed to meditate himself to an elevated semi-dimension above ours where he bore out the worst of the frost bite over the course of the week. And well rewarded his efforts were. Like the demi-gods of Olympus he was handsomely rewarded with nothing other than a Balliol branded hot water bottle, handed to him by Dame Helen Ghosh.