Ben's Holidays

By Balliol JCR, 23 April, 2023
Ben in googles.

Ben has gone from strength to strength over the vacationary period. Having ended his term on Everistian heights of winning the tower 4/6 Balliol Green Week Energy Saving by Cutting down on Heating Competition, he managed to conquer the government assigned cooking challenge otherwise known as the BBC Goodfoods Key Lime Pie.

Ben holding a key lime pie alluringly.

While some may think that talking about winning a Noble Prize would be tooting your own trumpet, I can safely say that I do not regard it as such. However the following exposition about Ben's adventures in London during the Boat Race may be seen as dangerously approaching bragging. After a last minute illness in the Women's boat, Ben was bravely not picked to sub in.

Ben wearing sexy headband.

Now ready to complete the greatest challenge of the Vac, Ben decided to apply his efforts to the equal recognition of the marginalised communities in Oxford. He applied to have Ginger Soc equally recognised in getting a JCR picture. All welcome!!! Unconfirmed rumours that Prince Harry might be attending remain unconfirmed!

And that's all that has happened in Ben's life in the last 6 weeks. Stay tuned for what happens next!