Ben Grows a Conscience

By Ben, 11 October, 2023
JSO Skull

Ben Grows a Conscience: The Orange Rebellion of Dicey, Staircase 12

In the heart of Oxford, where history resonates through ancient corridors, one seemingly ordinary mouse found himself embroiled in a fervent movement known as "Just Stop Oil" (JSO). The tale of Ben, a resident of Dicey, Staircase 12, is not just one of individual transformation but an astounding journey into climate activism that left the JSO members astounded and, at times, terrified.

Ben's Awakening:

Ben's transformation began when he stumbled upon a JSO rally outside the Oxford Union. The passion and fervor in the air resonated with him, sparking a fervor to take action. It was as if his conscience had been awakened, and he was no longer content to merely squeak about his concerns. He wanted to be part of something greater – a movement aimed at making a difference. Notably he already had the Orange Hair and Orange Beard needed.

From Ben to a Force of Nature:

Ben's involvement with the JSO had its members initially impressed by his enthusiasm. They had seen others campaign against oil conglomerates and advocate for climate policy reform, but Ben took it a whisker further. His audacious acts left his fellow activists in awe and, at times, trepidation.

The Orange Rebellion:

First, he set his sights on the iconic Oxford Radcliffe Camera. In an audacious act, Ben painted it a vibrant orange – a spectacle that demanded attention and ignited conversations about climate change. For Ben, this act was more than just defiance; it was a call to arms and an announcement of their presence. The camera became a symbol of the JSO movement, proudly standing amidst the lush greenery of Oxford.

The Executive JCR Committee's Fury:

But Ben's latest move left even the most passionate activists astounded and concerned. In a daring stunt, he painted the JCR (Junior Common Room) website orange, pushing the boundaries of what the movement had deemed acceptable. The executive JCR committee, often at odds with the JSO's goals, expressed their frustration in no uncertain terms. Their website, typically a hub for college events and information, had been transformed unapologetically with bold and vibrant orange. The committee claimed that this act had gone too far and needed to be rectified immediately, alas they were powerless in the face of Ben's Orange Beard and Hair.

Save us! Please, save us, from the Orange Bearded monster!!! - JCR Exec Committee

A Societal Disruption Paradigm:

The rise of the JSO and Ben's fervor for the cause can be seen as a societal disruption paradigm. Sociologists argue that societal change often necessitates a degree of disruption. Movements like the JSO serve as catalysts for larger conversations about the environment, socio-economic systems, and corporate responsibility. The line between activism and radicalism blurs in such paradigms, pushing societies out of their comfort zones.

A Journey with Jubilant Strides and Overflowing Passion:

Ben's journey with the JSO is marked by jubilant strides, overflowing passion, and audacious activism. His fervor for climate change action knows no bounds. Some applaud his commitment, while others wonder whether the radical change he advocates is the path to a brighter, greener future.

The story of Ben and the JSO serves as a powerful example of how individual actions can evolve into a movement with the potential to shape the world's future. In a world facing the daunting challenges of climate change, their journey sparks optimism and, at times, astonishment. As the orange rebellion of Dicey, Staircase 12 continues, only time will tell if these jubilant strides and audacious actions will be the spark needed for overwhelming change in the fight against climate change, uniting in jolly songs of unity and a shared pursuit of a more sustainable world.