Useful Contacts


Oxford can be an intense place just in terms of work, let alone all the rest of life. A lot of the time that’s great, but sometimes it’s less so. When things get stressful for whatever reason many people find talking to someone incredibly helpful. Luckily Balliol’s well resourced with people there for just that - listed below from most to least informal. Any conversation you have will remain completely confidential, unless you request otherwise or in exceptional circumstances.


Though welfare subcommittee officers’ main roles are to support specific issues (e.g. if you’re struggling with work you might go see the ACAF officers), they’re also there to talk whenever you need :) See the separate pages in the welfare section for info and contact details for each of them (DRs WHO, LGBTQ reps, Disabled Student Officers, Ethnic Minorities reps, International Students reps, Academic Affairs reps, Housing Officers and Women’s Officers).


Peer supporters are students who have completed a 30 hour training programme aimed to develop empathetic and supportive listening skills, and are available to talk about anything from issues at home to work stress. They’re also well versed in the college and university support systems in place. You can approach them casually around college, in the JCR, in the bar, or drop them a line to arrange to meet up.

See a list of up to date peer supporters here:


The Junior Deans are MCR students who live on site. One of them is always around - check the rota to see which is one duty.


Current Junior Deans:

  • Mary Jiyani
  • Joe Lewis


Telephone: 07010 026478




Aside from being generally wonderful, knowing the college system well and it being his job to support student welfare in any way he can, Bruce is a trained psychotherapist. He’s also the person you want to speak to about finances if you could use advice, or are in difficulties.


NIGHTLINE     01865 270270


Nightline run a free telephone service between 8pm and am. There’ll always be someone sympathetic on the end of the line, and your call is completely anonymous.




If you’d rather talk to a professional, or someone completely disconnected from college, OUSU run a free counselling service. They can usually see you within 3 days, and talk to approximately 8% of Oxford students per year.





The nurse, Marie Szewczyk is available at the following times and places:

  • Main Broad Street site: Staircase XXII - Room 1, Monday 11:00-14:30, Tuesday 14:30-17:30, Thursday 14:30-17:30

  • Holywell Manor: First floor - North Wing, Friday 08:00-13:00

The clinic sessions are drop-in, but if you'd like to make an appointment the Nurse can be reached by the following means:


Our GP surgery is located at 19 Beaumont Street (the one the Ashmolean is on). You will have all registered with them at the begin of first year. You can call them or drop in to make an appointment.

Telephone: 01865 240501


See the Sexual Health page.