Stage 1 Completion

Congratulations on completing stage 1. Your name and time taken has been recorded. Please forward any suggestions on the clues to This second stage will test your lateral thinking skills and ability to achieve results. 

  1. You must produce an origami hat. Any size or shape is acceptable. They will be ranked on weather proofness, flair and practicality. Please leave named submissions in the JCR on a windowsill for judging. An example is pictured below. I find the cherwell to be perfect for making them. There are lots of copies lying around the JCR that you can take. Weather proofing can be achieved with a spray sold in Mountain Warehouse. Good Luck!

    Origami Hat
  2. You must make a quiche to be ranked by Ben and judges, will be scored according to Ben's quiche scoring criteria.

    Ben brushing his teeth
  3. The following message is coded. Please translate it and do as it says. A hint is given in the picture. 625302073776625093274830874640843086407978360545306463026307363063020546503670480860230728331