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By Balliol JCR, 26 February, 2023

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Saluton. Returning back to the joyful spring meadows after the apocalyptic wasteland that is 5th week is always a joy. I have had a truly excellent week. Delving headfirst into the complicated world of baking did however prove too much. Ben and I had to sincerely apologise for the funny tasting cake caused by the extra 14 grams of flour we had added. This however gave me the spark of inspiration to include upcoming Birthday's in these Weekly E-mail Blasts. This week we have,

  • Mark Williams (4th Year Maths) on the 2nd of March!

Owing to my slightly limited omniscience you may have to tell me about upcoming Birthdays! Fortunately, due to the success of Project Zeus this will prove straightforward. I can now indeed confirm the rumours that the tremendously successful voting system which 91 of have downloaded is in fact nothing other than BalliolCHAT! You will now be able to easily message me the dates of your upcoming Birthdays by clicking here.

I have also sent out an email to 7 of you about BalliolLISTEN. For those that don't know what BalliolLISTEN is it is the anonymous reporting system for the JCR, so secure in fact that unless those 7 recipients of the aforementioned email read it absolutely no one will be able see what you submit.

As always we also have a careers update. And I would like to thank the 66 people who contributed to make last weeks article here the most popular page on our website ever! A whole 66 people!

February 27th,  by Lilia

Weekly Events

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February 24th, by Penny

Weekly Careers Update

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February 27th, by admin

BalliolLISTEN Updates

Thanks to updates you can now submit quick questions via BallioILISTEN. All the embarrassing stuff that you ask on the Facebook group like what the Wifi password is can now be asked securely, even the CIA can't see you stupidity. I have tentatively also added myself to the list of possible recipients, but note any incompentence will be met with an appropriate level of anger! Read more about the details here. And the 7 people I sent the email to also need to read the email in order for this to work!!
Don't bring this shit into my life.


February 27th,  by the UN

2022 in Pictures

In 2022, the UN and the world were partially recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic: the Security Council and General Assembly met in person, and senior officials travelled. The UN’s photographers were with them to capture the scene.


February 27th,  submitted by Tobias Bretschneider


Check out the wonderful art by Alison Wake. Thanks to the invention of mechanised agriculture we now have more free time than ever. Instead of just spending hours on our embroidery as they were back in the middle ages we now have so much more time to really master the art! For tips on how to improve your skills message Ben on BalliolCHAT who will be sure to have one or two good words of encouragement and advice to give!


Follow her mastodon account via BalliolTOOT!

February 27th,  submitted by Tobias Bretschneider

Moral Self-Indulgence

I, like you, often find myself in a situation where I need to weigh the life of one person against others. Until recently I would stay morally blame less and not pull the lever. But then I realised the true morally right thing to do is of course to kill the person. This really shows the  true danger of Moral Self-Indulgence! Since adopting my new found caution towards doing the morally right thing my life has become infinitely easier. Join the club and do the right thing, by doing the wrong thing!
Trolley Problem Illustration


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