Ben's Voi Experiences

By Ben, 7 October, 2023
Back of Voi helmet, says ride safe.

It had just turned 1.52 pm, the sun was bearing down uncharacteristically hot for this time of year on Balliol College. Ben knew he had 8 minutes to get to the boathouse. Something crazy must have happened earlier that day. I imagine a piano or something fell on Ben's head from the sky. Because, he knew the science pointed to an 8.2% accident rate increase, yet despite this looming forwarning he decided to hop on a Voi.

15 minutes, three fire-engines, 4 police cars, 2 amublances, one air ambulance and the one coast guard boat later Ben was in A&E at the JR. He had ruptured all three of his collar bones, fractured his liver and shattered his spleen. Hospital experts were baffled. He has now made a full recovery and you can expect to see him in the bar. In his words he would just like to add,

They're fast, like really fast!

Fortunately Voi has a policy exactly for incidents like this. Ben has now successfully claimed his free Voi helmet and is excited to keep Voiing down the M40.