Ben tries grilling

By Ben, 8 October, 2023
Ben manning the bbq

Ben had arrived at the Boathouse BBQ (this year with record numbers of signups!). He had spent the morning staring at an ice cube testing his laser eyes. It was a unforeseeable success! So he didn't hesitate when someone asked him to man the BBQ...

Halfway through the first 2 hours, Ben once again reminded himself he had not gone blind and finished his blink. Then the smoke hit again like a wall of vapours and he remembered why he'd been so reluctant to finish the blink. Veritable apocalytic floods were streaming from his eyes; intermingling with sweat on his cheeks and then vaporising on the hot coals. Turns out BBQ's areΒ 

Hot, like really hot!

Nevertheless Ben perservered. Whilst the burgers were turning into stone discuses, - more suited to the greek olympics than human consumption -, and the sausages were turning into fossiled dinosaur poos, Ben remembered to remind everybody that the food was free and they should be grateful. This was going quite well until one rather disgruntled customer,

Stop! I've heard enough! I'm never eating kitten again!

Even this did not dismay Ben, and he continued his BBQ artisanery at the Grill.

In an effort to allow Ben to continue his BBQing efforts we ask you to fill in the consultation here to stop HM Government shutting him down...