By Penny, 16 February, 2023

Welcome to the Weekly Careers-related updates:

Please note these important dates:

  • 20 February 12:00: deadline for second round of spring micro-internships

    • Micro-internships are 2-5-day voluntary opportunities (either Week 9 or 10)

By Balliol JCR, 12 February, 2023

Play trivia with other's from Balliol! Click here to test your wits against the likes of Benjamin Falconer (he was on Uni Challenge!!!) and other people.

  • Check out the categories with !trivia categories
  • Start a game with !trivia <easy|medium|hard> <questions> <...categories>. For example, a game with 10 easy questions in the General Knowledge and Animals categories would be !trivia easy 10 9 27.
By admin, 5 February, 2023

    Good evening. This is the 6th time I have written to you in a Weekly Update, where so many decisions have been announced that shaped the history of this JCR. Each time I have done so to discuss with you some matter that I believe affected the JCR's interest.

    In all the decisions I have made in my public life, I have always tried to do what was best for the JCR. Throughout the long and difficult last three days, I have felt it was my duty to persevere, to make every possible effort to ensure the continuation of tonight's GM.

By Eug, 30 January, 2023

Attention omnibus,

Nunc apertae sunt submissiones pro mensium rubore. Qui desiderant participare, rogamus ut sint candidati praebiti per modum infra describitur.

Omnium qui candidati sunt rogamus ut mittant contactus ad detailos quod infra describitur.

Valeat fortiter!

Send all submissions to Ben.



By Laurie, 30 January, 2023

Dear friends and family of Laurie,

We gather here today to pay our respects to a man who lived a life filled with joy, passion, and love. Laurie was a beloved figure in our community, known for his unwavering spirit and his love for running the Lindsay Bar.


By Laurie, 30 January, 2023

Attention Patrons of the Lindsay Bar:

In order to maintain a safe and secure environment for our patrons, it is of utmost importance to address the issue of appropriate footwear. It has been observed that the usage of inappropriate footwear, particularly those with low coefficient of friction, can result in slip and fall incidents.


By Balliol JCR, 30 January, 2023

1. Nobody comes across anything interesting worth sharing.

2. Wise men should speak when they have something to say; not for the sake of saying something.

7. Low literacy (and numeracy :)) rates in college probably hinder the reach of them.

10. People could just be drugging their brain by scrolling through Instagram.

13. Every email sent to the JCR has a carbon footprint approximately equal to a 2hr car journey.

19. No one cares about silly lists of random numbers.

23. Serious contributions are seriously lacking.