Film Rec - The Barbie Diaries

By Rosie Field, 4 February, 2023
Cover of the Barbie Diaries Film

Looking for a hot new valentine’s watch? Well, I predict this rec will be your OTP…

‘The Barbie Diaries’ (2006) may seem like an obscure blast from the past, but as an aficionado of the BCU , and a venerated person of taste, I argue that this dark horse should be bumped to the top of anyone’s ‘Netflix and Chill’ watch list this valentines. With a crisp average rating of 3.2/5 stars on Letterboxd, the public clearly agrees.

Fab Friends, Big Dreams and Rockin' Adventure

Oozing with drama, romance and Y2K fashion, ‘The Barbie Diaries’ will give you a nostalgic kick while introducing something fresh to the table. I love a rewatch of ’10 Things I hate about you’, ‘Legally Blonde’ or ‘Clueless’ as much as the next chic into flicks, and I promise ‘The Barbie Diaries’ can give you that same rush of endorphins, but with all the excitement of a new release thanks to its hidden gem status. Just read the tag line ‘Fab Friends, Big Dreams and Rockin’ Adventure’, what could be better?

Now, some viewers may find the uncanny animation and contrived plot disquieting or off putting, but some viewers are wrong. This camp classic brings everything you love about ‘The Polar Express’, Zoe 101 and Death Note and rolls it all into one. So maybe it is nightmare fuel, but it’s also hip fashion inspo, and in my life that Venn Diagram is a circle. So to the haters I say: Dead Dove - Do Not Eat!, if you hate gaslighting, girlbossing and gatekeeping, then yeah, this transcendental banger probably isn’t for you.

Still image from the barbie diaries film.

Answering the question you didn’t know you were asking of ‘What would happen if Tina Fey wrote Night Crawler in a post-GirlTech era?’, one key plotline of ‘The Barbie Diaries’ is Barbie receiving secret admirer notes, and while she thinks they’re from hot-shot-jock Todd we know all along her true amor is friend-in-the-zone Kevin - talk about a master class in dramatic irony. In the end (spoilers) Kev gets the girl. If you want to be like Kevin this valentines do be sure to use the JCR provided service to send a secret valentine to you mate date or your date mate, to go from the dog house to the dream house in a flash. All it takes is £1 to take you valentines from ‘Heathers’ to together forevers- and if your not won over by that rhyming skill, then maybe this philanthropic factoid will, all profits go to help the homeless via OxPat, so check FaceBook BalliolTOOT for the deets and all that.



P.S. While this was all an elaborate plug, I don’t want that to undermine the fact that ‘The Barbie Diaries’ slaps, really one of the greats of our time.