Committee Lunch TT6

  • Posted on: 1 June 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. Annie reminded the Committee to attend the termly lunch that we enjoy courtesy of the Dean where we'll get to meet the new Junior Dean and Jowett Wardens.

2. The Committee interpreted the amendment to Duncan's last motion mandating EM to sign the open letter with regards to whether it mandated the Ethnic Minorities Office to sign (in which case the signature from one officer was sufficient) or whether it mandated each officer; the Committee interpreted the amendment as applying to the Office, so that one signature was sufficient.

Committee Lunch TT5

  • Posted on: 25 May 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. We discussed possible suggestions for what to do with a compulsory levy for sponsoring a child which has became moot since the child has since graduated; there's currently money collected from previous terms after the child graduated, and the school asked for a donation towards classroom equipment, however it is felt that this is against the spirit of how Balliol donates charitably and the levy, so this will probably be coming to a GM at some point.

Committee Lunch TT4

  • Posted on: 19 May 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. Matt Fuller was co-opted onto Entz.

2. Up to £50 was passed for the Womens' Officers to spend on the Welfare tea to celebrate Emily Freeman's painting going up in Hall (!!!!) with the expectation that around £35 of it would be used.

3. Up to £15 was passed to reimburse Xav buying us table tennis balls which please for the love of life can you just not lose

4. Molly reminded us that there's a JCR boycott of Nestle and this should be considered in JCR teas and whatnot.

Committee Lunch TT3

  • Posted on: 11 May 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. We're going to show Eurovision in the JCR; they'll be face painting and food and drinks.

2. Richard suggested buying drug purity testing kits for the JCR to use as a harm-reduction scheme; it was agreed this would be discussed further with Bruce and with James & Meg.

3. We're gonna start stocking spare food from JCR teas in a box behind Pantry to reduce waste because we're a responsible JCR.

4. The Committee formally noted the good job done by the Garden Party; we're gonna get them a card and passed up to five quid for this.

Photo Schedule

  • Posted on: 4 May 2016
  • By: Steven Rose


Here is the running order for tomorrow, try to turn up five minutes early and be prompt. You should only have changed from the last email if I so arranged with the captain/head of your team/society, so presumably they'll have told you; if not, I'm not really bothered too much. Photos will be TOMORROW. As in the 5th of May. As in the day of local elections. As in Thursday of 2nd week. Be there.


Committee Lunch TT2

  • Posted on: 4 May 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. Abi asked the Committee for volunteers to do staircase checks on the day of the Garden Party

2. The Committee passed up to £50 to be spent on peer supporters t shirts in order to achieve greater presence of peer supporters during freshers' week; it was agreed that should this be insufficient, a request for a greater sum would be made at a GM

3. Rachael reminded Welfare Subcommittee - and the Committee more generally - of the importance of first responder training sessions and encouraged attendance.

Committee Lunch TT1

  • Posted on: 27 April 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. We signed a card for Dani who works in Pantry and passed up to £25 for the card and a gift.

2. James told us that he and Meg are looking to have the joint New College event during 6th week in Jowett field.

3. Daisy reminded us that Trinity is a big term for Access & Admissions; this means you should all totally volunteer yourselves for open days and whatnot!

4. Molly is planning to have an exam-revision-tip-sharing session possibly on Sunday - watch this space.

Committee Lunch HT8

  • Posted on: 9 March 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. We signed a birthday card for Richard (the JCR cleaner).

2. We passed £15 to buy ping pong balls since we've ran out of ping pong balls(!) and we discussed the possibility of a table tennis soc.

3. We passed up to £50 for the purchase of bike lights and D-locks to be stored at the Porters lodge for members of the JCR to buy should they need to bike during the night and left their bike lights elsewhere.

4. Molly reminded people about the TED talks event tomorrow which you should all attend/ give a talk at!

Committee Lunch HT7

  • Posted on: 2 March 2016
  • By: Steven Rose

1. We passed £25 for Oxford Women Speak Out and for snacks at a speaker event on Tuesday.

2. We passed £12 to renew our website domain.

3. The Committee passed up to £50 for refreshments and whatnot at the rescheduled Balliol TED talk events which you should all go to and it'll be great (also keep your eyes peeled for Balliol Soapbox next term???)

4. The aforementioned speaker is a third year undergrad from Hilda's who wrote a book called Notes on Being Teenage, she'll be talking on Tuesday.



IT never changes

  • Posted on: 26 September 2019
  • By: Daniel Rastelli

so it seems we are having issues with logins at the moment

it should be sorted in time as we have a small virtual server with not much memory and so we can't expect ludicrous speeds

if the trouble persists past 24h do email


current webmaster


Committee Lunch HT7

  • Posted on: 1 March 2017
  • By: Thomas Gater

1. Committee had a discussion of the college's disability policy, which has been updated on this website - also you can ask Marianne and Juliet who are now experts.

2. We passed £5.00 for 150 fridge stickers. (Which we've been reliably informed won't leave a sticker residue on the fridges).

3. The potential Codebar Workshop has morphed into pizza and computers run by members of the JCR, watch out for that next week!

4. £20 passed for Mortal Kombat to be replaced. 

Committee Lunch HT6

  • Posted on: 22 February 2017
  • By: Thomas Gater
  1. £12.50 for Chalk for gym 
  2. £15 for an E and E film night, Wally, or a documentary, or BOTH!
  3. £50 for the coninually exciting disposable camera project, 39 people interested so far email Nicky for details! 
  4. Up to £40 passed for oven gloves on mainsite, which is very exciting fro anyone who noticed we have kitchens on mainsite.

Site Updates

Update 12

  • Posted on: 6 February 2017
  • By: Antonia Siu
  • Changed: Laundry Booking
    • shows @Balliol-Laundry
    • groups days together so it's cleaner
    • only shows slots that start after ~2 hours ago (the current people using the washer)
    • multi-(un)booking
  • Added: Unbanning page for when the site bans your ip