By Balliol JCR, 5 March, 2023

At this point he has transcended far above the insignificance that us mere mortals act out in our lesser lives. Having braved the sharp wit and elevated mental acuity of Jeremy Paxman, Benjamin thought it wise to attempt the unthinkable; to face challenges that no Balliolite has ever surmounted before. He wanted to try to win the Balliol Green Week Energy Saving competition.


By admin, 5 March, 2023

As decreed in the IT Policy the yearly Spoofing/Phishing test has been carried out.

With 71 failures recorded out of 405, the results are disappointing. Discounting the recorded failure by "lol" and "heyyyyy" - congrats to whoever figured out how to submit that :)), and myself probably being unlikely to fall for a phishing test conducted by myself we have 69/404 failures. That is a 17.0792... % failure rate. Given that only one hacked account is needed to compromise the security we have that for every 100 phishing emails sent to the JCR our saftey will be compromised 6900 times.

By Balliol JCR, 19 February, 2023

The initials following subjects are entirely random and in any other parallel universe would probably seem even more innocuous than here.

Biological Sciences, S.S,

We have just discovered that Walruses are in fact the only mammals to breath in Carbon Dioxide and breathe out Oxygen.

Mathematics, C.C,

It turns out that in fact calculators cannot divide by odd numbers.

History, J-P.G,